Choosing the Right College

Updated: Thursday, 12 Nov 2009, 12:04 PM EST
Published : Wednesday, 11 Nov 2009, 11:37 PM EST

MYFOXNY.COM - Added to continuously rising tuition, the competition for acceptance to choice colleges is fierce. It is more critical than ever for students to investigate the right colleges to find the ones that best suit their interests, abilities, and financial constraints.

Eric Greenberg of the Greenberg Educational Group offers some advice to help students and their families find the schools that are best-suited to their needs:

Examine yourself as a prospective college student.

  • Why are you choosing a particular college?
  • What are your abilities and strengths?
  • What is the colleges' program like in your field of interest?
  • Are finances a part of your consideration?

Find the best fit for yourself; this is the most important factor in choosing a college.

Research college Web sites; you can learn about curriculum areas of specialty, activities and even attend upcoming events taking place at that school.

  • Evaluate the type of School: Public or Private? Explore the options
  • Learn how to get in touch with students who attend your choice school
  • Consider the campus setting/environment
  • Do you want a large or small campus? Rural or Urban? Energetic or low key?
  • Single sex or co-ed college?

Financial Aid; an assortment of scholarship packages is offered by most colleges to the majority of students who show the financial need.

What to do when you visit colleges:

  • Get an overall view of the college through a campus tour and information session.
  • Explore the college on your own for a better picture of what the college has to offer.
  • Sit in on classes, particularly those in which you may want to major
  • Schedule time to meet with professors (set up appointments ahead of time)
  • Talk to current students about school and campus life
  • Can you envision yourself living on this campus?


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